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What is ytpak? Many months after the ban of YouTube in Pakistan, people were missing to watch videos and listen to their favorite songs. There were talks about the reopening of this video streaming site, but things did not work as planned. The issue remained in the national assembly, but no one could tell when this ban would be removed. Then ytpak was introduced and people started to have a new source to enjoy the different movies and clips online. No subscription was added to give live streaming, especially for It was a good experience especially when you want to enjoy your free time.

Then the official Google analytics showed that there was a sharp decline in the number of people visiting YouTube because people were not allowed to view YouTube or share or embed its videos. However, a surprise was brought to our notice when Ytpak came into being. This was a replica of YouTube and a website that allowed people to view the same type of videos comfortably as they were viewing on YouTube prior to its ban in Pakistan.

Launch of ytpak

After the launch or inauguration of Ytpak, it became easy for Pakistani people to view, share, embed and download their favorite videos. Amazingly, this service made many of us forget about YouTube temporarily or permanently. However, most people who were using YouTube on a regular basis were of the view that Ytpak was not as much effective as was YouTube. In fact, they tried to find out the ways of unlocking YouTube but could not do so until PTA unblocked the streaming site some months ago.


Ytpak downloads had millions of downloads by users all around the world. It was very easy to use that portal for live streaming. Watching the latest movies is the choice for each of the users who use the internet on their smartphones. Ytpak con gives pleasure to people who are eager to play the clips without any distraction or proxy. Many ips were blocked for YouTube in Pakistan and in some other parts of the world then ytpak unblocked the restrictions.

Why watching videos is important through ytpak?

These days, watching videos on the internet has become compulsory for everyone. We see people making and sharing videos in a large number, and it has also been observed that many of them are earning huge amounts from the videos they make and share on social media, personal blogs, and other online platforms.

Why is it important to watch videos? First of all, videos provide us with lots of entertainment and non-stop fun. Who wouldn’t want to watch his favorite movie or listen to an interesting song on the web?

Hundreds to thousands of people make and share videos to earn a living. In fact, YouTube videos can be a good source of income for you given that your videos are original and based on quality content. Please remember that the videos you share with your target audience have something nice to learn from so that the attention of the audience remains intact.

What should we do if there is no video streaming sites?

If you do not have access to YouTube, there is nothing to worry about as you can try different other websites. For example, Ytpak, Dailymotion and others are good for you if you want suitable YouTube alternatives. You would be glad to know that these websites, just like YouTube, provide easy and instant access to plenty of cartoon, movie, song and other types of entertaining videos. You can embed them, share them or download by clicking the relevant button. While doing so, you should ensure that the video you select is of high quality, or else, you can simply try the HD version of a video in order to improve the user experience.

Ytpak com app download:

Now, the question was how to use ytpak app on the smartphones. The fact is android phones especially the person who are doing some kinds of jobs, they cannot go to cinema or they cannot spend hours to sit in front of laptop or TV screen. That’s why ytpak com app download was the best option to have on mobile phones or on the tablets. One can enjoy the ytpak hd songs as well through this viral and important app.

Without video streaming sites one cannot explore the new things or latest discoveries. It is a fact that Youtube or movies streaming portals are not for fun only, they provide educational movies as well. In certain countries, due to the government or political reasons the services for some specific sites can be blocked. In this scenario, the only option is to visit the ytpak pk. You were given option ytpak mp3 download and then you could listen to whatever song or movies or tutorials.

Such types of www.ytpak are not banned at the government level. The IPs or ports for ytpak app were not detected easily that’s why millions of people installed the app. Ytpak download also introduced the options to embed and share the videos at other major social platforms like:

  • Ytpak for facebook
  • Ytpak for twitter
  • Ytpak for pinterest
  • Ytpak for linkedin

So, these sharing buttons were literally present at ytpak Pakistani and thus it became the popular app and everyone was talking about ytpak movies. Subscriber notifications was another added feature in that app. It is activated to let the users whenever some channel owner uploads new version. Users have no time to check again and again in a day to see the new episode or movie. So, this app took the hold for this facility. 360 degree movies view is another cool advantage that people love to see whenever they visited the Youtube. So, Yt Pk Pak was made customized on this behalf and users were given option to download fast movies even some clips were of more than 2 hours but the speed of downloading was really superb. Due to these characteristics or YtPak videos is considered the best alternative for dailymotion and Youtube.

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