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Day of Love: Valentine Day

The ritual that takes place on the night of February 14 comes from Scandinavia and is one of the oldest love rituals in the...

Love in all shapes

Love between mothers and children cannot be easily explained. Still, you can feel it without words.

The bride and groom were left in the shadow

Check these funny pictures, where third parties took all attention.

Little hero make his first steps

A Texas boy was born with amelia-phocomelia - a defect due to which a person is born with or without limbs. His mother, Katie,...

Love on the sky of Dubai

Air force of UAE was performing airshow for government and citizen. Performance was ending with most recognizable symbol on the world- heart.

What is “Husband storage”?

All for love and peace in marriage. Check how women most favorite sport, also known as shopping, could be much easier and more fun...

Quote of the day

Remember of this quote and save your friendships.

Be careful and you will have “happily ever after”

This cute couple was thinking how to make their wedding ceremony unforgettable, not only for them, for families and guests to. So they have...

Whispering Confession of Love in China

Everyone had at least one person in their hearts that stayed locked and buried deep inside, person whose name was never spoken publicly or...