WNI Evacuated from Wuhan, 100 Hospitals Prepare an Isolation Room

The government has prepared various options in evacuating 249 Indonesian citizens in Wuhan, China. Later, all Indonesian citizens will first be placed in quarantine locations, and if there are those who experience symptoms of cough, colds, and fever, then they will be isolated in the hospital. As many as 100 hospitals were alerted throughout Indonesia.

In Jakarta, there are at least three main hospitals that will be the center of Corona virus patients. Is the Central Army Hospital (RSPAD) Gatot Subroto, RSPI Sulianti Saroso, and Pers Friendship Hospital. All three are ready to accommodate patients and have a special isolation room.

In fact, RSPI Sulianti Saroso in the last few days has indeed treated a number of patients suspect the Corona virus and proved negative.

Director of RSPI Sulianti Saroso, Mohammad Syahril explained, later after the patient was quarantined at a location, then if there were indications of experiencing symptoms then it would be isolated. It is difficult to prepare 11 permanent isolation rooms.

“If you have a cold, you are ready at your respective hospital. There are 11 isolation rooms. one room for one patient, and if it increases in number we are also ready, “he stressed in a press conference on Friday (1/31).

Likewise with the Friendship Hospital which claims to have a lot of experience dealing with bird flu patients. Even bird flu is worse with a mortality rate of up to 80 percent.

Since 2003, hospitals in Indonesia have also been alert to face SARS. Then in 2005 faced the bird flu virus. Then in 2009 faced the H1N1 virus or swine flu.

Director of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, Ministry of Health Dr. Wiendra Waworuntu, M. Kes explained, the readiness of all hospital HR continues to be intensified. Indonesia also learns from other countries’ experiences.

“We learn what is lacking. What about the stock. Just look at Singapore, Malaysia is very close. We cannot disturb the public, “he said.

It is known, the government also has a sophisticated laboratory to quickly conduct corona virus screening on patients. One patient can be found positive or not in just two days.

“We take the sample of isolated patients. Nasopharyngeal and sputum specimens and swaps. About two days to confirm the Corona virus, “said the Head of the Center for Research and Development of Biomedical and Basic Technology in Health, Balitbangkes Ministry of Health, Vivy Setiawaty.

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