A large number of fake stories and rumors spread everywhere that India is going to have production line of F-35 air crafts.The main cause of the spread of these rumors is the misunderstanding between the discussions  of Lockheed for the delivery of F-16  in India except F-35 as he has no intention for the delivery of these air crafts.

However the deal was signed for the production line F-16 air crafts but misunderstanding cause disturbance all over world.India Defense Ministry officially stated and clarify this misunderstanding that there is no plan for the delivery and production of F-35 and no such proposal of agreement have been offered by US to India.India have the possibility to buy and sign the contract for F-35 but no such plans  of proposals have been offer yet by Lockheed as he is already dealing the low rate production issues of F-35 so he eventually have no plan for the deal with India.