First job so important

why is First job so important?

Most often, the first job is taken during studies. Young people want to have their money to be able to become independent of their parents a little. Students want to be more and more independent and have the power to decide about themselves. Starting work will certainly allow them to do so, but also enable them to prepare for adult life and acquire competences that will be useful to them in the future.
What do employers value?
Of course experience and education are very important. Unfortunately, when you start work during your studies, you will usually not have the first one, and you will only be after the second one. However, if you acquire basic soft skills that you can learn in your first job, most employers’ doors will be open to you.
it turns out that you don’t have to be able to do everything at any position. That’s why you take a job to learn it and become an expert in your field over time. Soft competences are indispensable for this.
According to a study by the University of Social Psychology, these basic, cherished by every boss, include:
a. Persistence, the insertion effort performed tasks,
b. Valuing employees,
c. The peaceful resolution of conflicts,
d. Command execution in accordance with the instructions, or listening and reading comprehension,
e. personal culture.
Why work while studying?
The first job is very often taken while studying at the university. It allows you not only to earn money, but also to acquire additional competences that will be needed at every stage of your career and throughout your future life – private and professional.
The very combination of learning and work allows you to develop the ability to properly organize your time and complete individual tasks within the deadlines set. Responsibility, assertiveness and cooperation in a group are further social and professional competences necessary not only at work, but also in everyday life.
Undertaking work during studies allows you to gain experience primarily in the field of social competence. You will learn how to intelligently communicate with others, how to motivate them to act, willingly and courage to undertake new tasks.
Students usually decide to work in gastronomy. A great place are, among others Mc,donalds resturants . Provided training, development perspective and rapid promotion as well as the ability to adapt working hours to your needs will allow you to combine work and study effectively
In the first job you will have the opportunity to practice taking care of the aesthetics of your workplace and personal culture, as well as performing tasks in accordance with the instructions.

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