Whats Real Happiness?

Whats HAPPINESS Meaning?

Everyone knows the meaning of happiness or pleasure according to his or her opinion. Some say that you are happy when your all matters, meetings, affairs are in your favor or according to their taste. Some say that you are happy when you get your loved ones. some say that you are happy when you listen or watch some funny jokes or videos.

Are you serious guys they all are your ways of happiness. Today I tell you the real meaning of happiness. The happy according to your opinion or point of view is just a way of relaxing yourself that everything is under your control or you are superior one then others you only need this one if you get it you say oh! I am happy but its not the real mean of happiness oh! Mr /miss, you only satisfy yourself just.

happiness in life
happiness in life

Do you spread Positive Vibes?

According to me, you are happy when you spread positive vibes to others, you help others when you become the inferior one and give priority to those who are ignored by everyone in schools, universities or the institutions you belong. when you give way to others even they do not need, when you solve others’ problems without your benefits, when you do something better not only for your loved ones but also your fellows in every field of life.

Do you Think Positive in Life?

You are happy when thinking positively for everyone I know in some moments of life you hate someone without any authentic reason you hate because everyone says that not a good guy, they smoke or whatever you think but truly its not right give one chance to yourself give a try guys.

I am 100% sure if you start a try then this is real happiness you got it you don’t need a friend really I am right you think that I gone mad everyone need friend without a friend’s life is so boring. I know a guy’s life is useless without friends according to your opinion but I think life becomes useless when you pass a fake smile. Please think about it I know this is the fake world or from 100% peoples, 95% pass fake smiles why? I raise the question of why?

Be a real one not a fake one I wait for your answer I even know about the question you raise.


                    JATE HN??


                    HI NI HE??

                        OR SO ON  ………………

Do you Think for others’ Happiness?

Oh! Dear do anything for others ’ not even think about your benefits that are the day when you smile from the deepening of heart you feel satisfied you feel that I get everything. I don’t need anything, you give priority to others you all thing if we do these then what we get. Allah is watching you dear he makes a better and successful way for you such a way you cannot see in a dream as well. So don’t worry about your future you are a fully successful man or women but please give a try.


    IF you all do these that is the day when you live in reality thanks

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   Author:  zoobi

11 thoughts on “Whats Real Happiness?

  1. Its seems that someone has written my heart lines… It seems that someone has read my heart and just paste it….. This is such a pure feelings..

  2. Its seems that someone has written my heart lines… It seems that someone has read my heart and just paste it….. This is such a pure feelings..

  3. Its good effort..
    Real happiness is trying to keep everyone happy and as a result stay happy whatever be the result of your kind deeds!!
    Its nice effort zoobikeep writing one day you will become mature writer!in sha Allah

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