What is Internet Protocol Television

What is Internet Protocol Television |IPTV

Internet Protocol Television represents a system or process to distribute audio- and video services, in particular digital television signals by means of the Internet to subscribing customers.

These subscribers must have a broadband connection which is utilizing many similar protocols which are driving the Internet.  

IPTV is also called internet tv, broadband tv as well as television over ip.

All About IPTV

Through IPTV, the operating business model of television is broken down. This is encouraging and it can provide ordinary customers almost an equal measure of control concerning our abilities, with regard to the new technology.

IPTV will focus on the new interactivity and control level about the content which will eventually reach your television screen.

As telecommunications companies are increasingly entering this new technology race to be at the top, you can be expecting to see increasing IPTV service packages in Triple Play.

Audio & video services are transferred via a computer network as an alternative for terrestrial, cable or satellite. IPTV is digital television allocated to your television via a broadband / high speed internet connection.

A STB (set top box) is used to deliver encoded channels in IP format to the television. Video on demand (VoD), is included in the IPTV service which is the same as watching video DVDs / CDs by the use of a DVD / VCD player.

Analog television signals, which is HDTV or standard TV such as audio & video signals are firstly transformed into digital form. 

To enable digital voice & video signals to be routed via a data network or Internet, packet routing-information is added.

Key Parts Needed for IP Television

  • Viewing adapters or devices
  • Providers of broadband access
  • Providers of IP television services
  • Providers of media content

Digital television signals are transformed into a format which can be viewed and controlled by consumers via viewing adapters or devices.

The high speed data-connection which can convey the digital video tv-signals, are supplied by the broadband access providers.

Service providers will be identifying and controlling the connections linking the the viewing devices & the media sources. 

Information which consumers want to obtain or view are created by the media content providers.

Viewing devices of IP television include television adapter boxes, multimedia computers, IP televisions & mobile telephones.

Multimedia computers have both video- & audio processing capabilities. Digital television signals are transformed by television adapters into standard television RF-connections which permit standard televisions to view the IP television channels.

IP television devices are particularly created to view television channels via the Internet without needing media gateways or adapter boxes.

Multimedia computers (laptops and desktops) permit certain multimedia computers to view Internet television programmes not requiring adapters, provided that they are having the multimedia browsers which have the proper media plug-ins.

Video & audio  connectors or standard television RF are connected by television adapters to wireless LAN connections or data jacks. 

However, IP televisions can directly be connected to wireless LAN connections or data jacks. 

To watch IPTV, mobile telephones can be used if they have multimedia abilities. However, the mobile telephone systems used by them must also provide the broadband web together with  the required media gateways.

Broadband access providers transmit high speed data to end viewers. The kind of technology which broadband access providers use.

How IPTV Works

Television signals are transformed by IPTV into small packets containing computer data similarly to other formats of online traffic like a web page or email.

IPTV comprises of three key components:

  1. The Television & content head end. TV channels are both received & encoded here, whilst other content such as videos are stored here.
  2. The Delivery Network.  This is the broadband & landline network  which is supplied by telecom operators like MTNL.
  3. The STB (set top box) which is needed at the location of the customer. Within the STB, software reconvened the packets into programming. This box is linked between the broadband modem of the operator & the TV of the customer.

Advantages of IPTV

Digital audio & video quality is much higher in comparison with conventional analog television.

It can turn out to be quite interactive, with added features. For instance, whilst viewers are watching a game, they can browse the history of a player.

Scheduling to record a favourite programme will be possible, whilst they are not home. Via Video on demand (VoD), they will be able to browse a movie catalogue online and can watch the movies immediately.

IPTV can be more affordable due to the fact that standard networking protocols are used. This promises that costs will be lower for operators, whilst it will result in affordability for users too. 

By using STB’s (set top boxes) which have broadband internet connections, it is possible that households can stream it, more effectively than cable.

IPTV’s Limitations

IPTV is sensitive to losing packets and delays due to the fact that it is based upon internet protocol, in case the IPTV-connection speed is not high enough.

What Content Can You Find On dailyharoof.com

The content on dailyharoof.com offer something for practically anyone! 

Whether you like watching Live News coverage, sport channels, daily updates, video clips, movies, documentaries, film trailers, local television or business channels, it’s all here and we are just mentioning some!

Due to the fact that www.dailyharoof.com is an exceptionally abundant and hyped-up website, only enthusiastic staff is appointed. They are continuously surfing the Internet to catch the most recent video streams!
All the TV channels that are available on our website, are available to everyone, because it is free video streaming!

No paid channels can be found because of the issues around copyright. Currently www.dailyharoof.com does not replay or broadcast any video content. The video streams  are all broadcasted from the servers of the original broadcasters.

However, you might have been noticing some famous titles within the channels list; these TV stations are legitimate. 

The majority of these TV stations are Asian broadband mirrors either Taiwanese or Chinese. These content providers have attained  the rights to broadcast such TV via the Internet.  

Should you desire more information we advise you to refer to the websites of the original broadcasters.

Our site does not comprise of any streaming media, due to the fact that there is copyright on all video streams which belong to their specific companies.

However, although we are making all efforts in validating the reliability and accuracy of our services, it is a fact that IPTV channels provides no guarantees or warranties concerning their appropriateness for any purpose.

Furthermore, IPTV  channels will not accept any responsibility for information used and will neither accept any liability for losses suffered.

Some links may be directed to websites which can’t be controlled by IPTV channels, therefore we will not accept any responsibility.

Watching IPTV With VLC Player

The TPG default settings enable you to install both VLC & VLC plugin. By using this option you will be watching IP television by using their webpage.

If you don’t like this option. You can use VLC.

Two Options to use VLC

First visit  www.dailyharoof.com  to find your favourite iptv playlist.

Then open VLC and open the file menu, selecting “Open Network Stream” or “Open Network”

Then paste the http links


Install VLC after downloading it

Now open VLC

At the program’s top, click on MEDIA

Now you Open File

Then select m3u file

You have to wait until the channels had loaded 

Now select a Channel to enjoy a good show.

IPTV Applications: Battleground for Client Loyalty

On 18 September 2008, 100 Hill Rock LLC, Mind Commerce LLC & KCM Media Group LLC, announced the releasing of IPTV Applications. (PRWEB, Denver, Colorado).

These enhanced Television Applications are described to become a Battleground for the Loyalty of Customers.

IP technology’s disruptive potential was also acknowledged within the domain of Service Providers. 

A practical roadmap was also established, in this report, regarding the kinds of IPTV Applications which can boost loyalty amongst the customers concerning triple play of high value.

This report also supplied a classification of the kinds of Applications as well as their potential for both IPTV providers & their competitors.

The authors Kim Johnson and Ken Kalinoski are both consultants with comprehensive experience when it comes to video service distributions & managing technology in the real world scenarios.

Their amalgamated experience presents a clear point of view about the role which technology can play to support the satisfaction objectives of clients of both Technology- and Service Providers.

Information: 100 Hill Rock

The company, 100 Hill Rock, poses to be an Executive Management Co which is focusing on Strategic Business Development M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), Technology Transfer & Technology Development.

Strategic Business Development manifests in the shape of M&A (Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions), allowing & facilitating the development of commerce.

In the marketplace Technology Development manifests from their extensive 25 years experience, contacts within the video & audio business scenario. They provide leadership in the region of IPTV, MP3, Video Conferencing, Media Serving, Digital CDN’s and of course expertise.

Of equal importance is their IP Portfolio Management & Technology Transfer-practice that services outward-bound licensing as well as defensive business positioning.

Their licensing efforts have assisted customers to monetize more than $100 million in licensing revenue up to date.

Information: Mind Commerce

The mission of The Mind Commerce® is providing customized consulting, research, writing & training services for the IT and telecommunications industry within their fields of expertise.

The customers of Mind Commerce include, developers, manufacturers, industry organizations, service providers and government.

The partners of Mind Commerce include several leading companies within the industry of telecommunications.

Mind Commerce distinguishes themself from their competition by meeting their clients’ unique needs via customized product development as well as their delivery of service.

Information: KCM Media Group LLC

Kim Johnson leads the Austin based consultancy, KCM Media Group LLC. Johnson has extensive experience about the planning & distributing new services and media products.

The engagement model of KCM provides the flexibility for addressing  the rapid growth in technology & markets as well as successfully developing  the internal resources of their clients.

IPTV Distribution: ITC Select Entone

On 1 November 2008 the connect with home IPTV company, Entone Inc., was selected by ITC (Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.) for rolling out their IPTV, with their Hydra™ IP video-gateway which won an award. (PRWEB – San Mateo – California).

Broadband-, digital television- & local telephone services are provided by the ITC to Minnesota and South Dakota subscribers. 

For more than 50 years the ITC had supplied telecommunication services to above-mentioned communities. Now they are offering a service bundle  of triple play consisting of video, voice & data by using the Hydra IP video-gateway of Entone.

Jerry Heiberger, ITC’s General Manager commented that the installation costs indicated a crucial focus of attention in the case of business for providing IPT services. 

He stated that the Hydra IP video-gateway of Entone gave them the ability to increase their installation teams’ productivity substantially, reducing the cost per household for distributing their triple play services, whilst supplying their customers with a home experience of true connect.

The field-tested Hydra IP video-gateway forms part of the Connect Home Solution of Entone, which abolishes the need for several STB’s (set top boxes) or new wiring for the home to distribute IPTV services.

Hydra can deliver numerous video streams by utilizing patent-pending technology, via one Ethernet or DSL connection by using existent in-house coax cabling.

This results in a significant cost saving via one decoder STB solutions. Hydra is also supporting entire home networking technologies like HomePlug, 802.11n and HomePNA which enable the distribution of rich media via high speed delivery, using the existent coax wiring throughout the home.

This results in a substantial improvement for IPTV services as far as the business case is concerned. Installation costs are reduced, whilst the complexities linked to IP video distribution are eliminated.

Steve McKay, the CEO of Entone stated that they are enjoying to work with   

Companies like ITC which is progressive. He said that they aggressively deployed triple play services which offer an effective video service. 

He added that with Hydra, they have the ability to assist with the improvement of the business case to deliver enhanced IPTV services like DVR & HDTV for the entire home.

A platform is provided by the Connect Home Solution of Entone to deliver broadcasting television, whilst they are enabling media sharing, using the existent in-house coax cabling throughout a home network.

Whilst consumers will be able to watch live television they can also enjoy recording & playback simultaneously from any television within the house using a single device.

Entone facilitates a home experience of true connect, which in turn offers additional streams of revenue to operators, whilst supplying consumers with viewing flexibility & added benefits.

Information: Entone, Inc.

Entone, an innovator, providing solutions regarding IPTV home connectivity was founded during 1999.  The team which distributed the 1st commercial IP-telco video service, established the firm. 

The tried and tested technology of Entone  give service providers the ability to deliver combined broadband and video services to in-home networks in a reliable way whilst using the existing networks.

Entone worked together with some world leaders in the video service operating scenario. This firm is recognized for their practical focus to improve video service which concern the business case. 

They offer products which address the principal issues of CAPEX & OPEX which are commonly linked to the distributing of IP video services.

Entone, a private company has their headquarters in California as well as offices located in Hong Kong.

Scale Venture Partners & Melo Ventures, some venture capital firms, are supporting the company.

Information: InfoValue

On 26 August 2008, InfoValue (InfoValue Computing, Inc.) announced their installation at the Isleta Casino & Resort located in Albuquerque, NM. (PRWEB – Elmsford – NY). 

InfoValue, has the expertise to provide innovative, IPTV platforms & solutions of high quality.

Their installation is based upon InfoValue’s SuiteTV solution. This offers HD VoD (Video on Demand), TV channels with high-definition, whilst IP-based Free-to-Guest as well as a guest information portal with full features within the suites of the hotel.

The resort’s MIS manager, Larry Loff said that their deployment supplies the highest standards digital entertainment, IPTV and hotel portal in-room

Which are making their amenities’ exceptional in quality.

He added that they had created an exclusive and luxurious resort which completely consolidate all entertainment & communication services on an IP-network.

He stated that it is crucial to offer their guests these most enhanced IP-based services for differentiating themselves as well as the solution distribution of InfoValue.

InfoValue SuiteTV is used by the Isleta Casino guests, accessing IP-based television channels as well as IP Video on Command content on LCD Tv’s in an interactive way.

These guests benefit from functionality like rewinding, pausing, fast-forwarding as well as bookmarking Hollywood & other preferred content.

Local attractions & hotel amenities are present via their information portal also including Folio review & Express Checkout.

InfoValue’s vice president – business Development & Solutions, Aubrey Flanagan said that their SuiteTV solution permits hotels to supply their guests with cutting edge IPTV services In such a manner which truly assists them to build premium branding, whilst increasing customer loyalty. 

He concluded that they are delighted to be partnering with the Isleta Casino & Resort, turning their futuristic vision into the experience of today.

The SuiteTV of InvoValue is a cutting edge IPTV solution which is particularly customized for the hospitality enterprise. 

Personalized guest services are offered via InfoValue SuiteTV, which range from outstanding quality High Density Television VoD to personal network-based video recording (nPVR) and TSTS (time-shifted television).

By optimizing the InfoValue QuickVideo platform,  it is a fact that InfoValue SuiteTV is distinctively positioned for supporting hotels with the incorporation of triple play services.

These services include, the  distribution of voice, video & data  directly into their information portal and own service via the infrastructure of the combined IP network. This results in increasing occupancy rates, generating new revenues and reducing operational expenses at the same time.

The company was established during 1994 and they are professionals in supplying both extensive IPTV platforms & solutions.

However, InfoValue is recognized for advancement and innovations in IPTV technology. They are seen as the pace-setters in scalability, performance & intelligence.

The ITPV platform of InfoValue QuickVideo is based upon standard compilable & open architecture which is optimized with both patented and innovative technologies.

Currently InfoValue QuickVideo is used by corporations, telecommunication carriers, educational institutions, hospitality providers and governments worldwide.

It offers interactive VoD & multicast video capabilities and distribution video caching, integrate video indexing,  video service management as well as server clustering.

Turnkey IPTV solutions are delivered by InfoValue for particular industries, which include: Hospitality – Infovalue SuiteTV; Training & communications: InfoValue BizTV; Residential – InfoValue NextGenTV.

The corporate headquarters of InfoValue’s address is: 4 Westchester Plaza – Elmsford, NY-10523.

IPTV Transmitter: How to Earn Money

The day of the classic commercial is over, whilst the interactive commercial forms  part and parcel of the future. 

The IPTV professional, based in Munich which you can find at ANGA cable at the Cologne-fair (28.5.-1-6 – stand no D27) will introduce a solution which you can use to open an Internet TV station of your own in 24 hours. With this you can achieve substantial sales using interactive advertising.

TV stations’ sales departments have experienced declining revenue for a period of months, as advertisers increasingly redirect their budget towards the Internet.

Advertising online, is booming, due to the fact that it is more successful. A lot of target groups are spending their time online, instead of watching television.

Recently Google, the world’s major search engine, brought video advertising to this market and they are expecting to make millions of dollars in extra revenue!

Now anybody who wants to sell video content, inform or entertain can benefit, using this trend.

Opening an IPTV channel, will enable you to target a worldwide audience by distributing live movie pictures on a 24 hour basis, simultaneously with supplying on demand content.

Within 24 hours an IPTV broadcaster will be able to be on the air using a web-based solution from an IPTV Producer. The IPTV Producer which is internet-based, can plan a comprehensive TV program from individual videos which can be watched on the Internet.

The software is offering major additional value when planning the interactive commercials.

For instance when a brand new vehicle is offered through a video clip, the customer will be able to arrange a test drive, right adjacent to the video.

TV1.DE GmbH’s Managing Director, Michael Westphal said that future advertisers will be launching campaigns increasingly, where success can be measured directly. He stated that their technology, allowing viewers to request  and buy a product right then, will be satisfying this desire.

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