extraordinary discovery in Norway

What does an ancient ship hide, An extraordinary discovery in Norway.

Norwegian archaeologists near the former city of Edøy in the west of the country discovered a hitherto unknown Viking burial place. An underground ship can have enormous historical significance.
The ship was discovered thanks to a GPR survey. The published photos show a clear outline of the boat along with the remains of the ditch. “This is a very characteristic feature of burial mounds,” said Dag-Øyvind Solem of the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU).
The boat probably has the remains of an ancient Norse leader along with weapons, loot and other valuable items. The discovery can provide a wealth of information about ancient shipbuilding and funeral rituals in Norway.
Pictures show that both ends of the ship are severely damaged.The radar picture is detailed enough that experts estimate that the ship was about 16-17 meters long.
Archaeologists discovered the ship by accident. The area it is in lies outside the test area. – We have actually finished the measurements, but because we have some time left, we decided to do a quick scan of the field next to it – said Manuel Gabler from NIKU. “It turned out to be a good decision,” added the archaeologist.
The discovery also surprised the farmer, to whom the land belongs. However, the man has nothing against further research. “He is very enthusiastic about the project,” emphasizes Gabler.
Scientists talk about the discovery of enormous historical significance. Seven boat burial sites have been found in Europe from the Viking times, i.e. from 800 to 1050. The largest buried Nordic ship ever found – the Gjellestad – had the same shape in the pictures as the present find.
According to tradition, the Vikings hid their rulers in boats along with horses, armor and wealth, which was to serve them in life after death.

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