Watch out! Do not Believe There is an Investment to Offer Exorbitant Interest

The investment alert task force released 182 business activity entities that indicated illegal investments and potentially detrimental to the public. Many people are still trapped in bulging investments, even though it is clear bulging investments provide irrational offers.

Financial Planners from Tata Dana Consulting, Tejasari explained that bulging investments usually indeed lure huge profits and low risk.

“Bulging investment is the first sign of the promise of very high interest rates. For example, 10% per month, so 120% per year is very high, irrational,” Teja said when contacted by AFP on Tuesday (12/03/2019).

He revealed, the public should understand if there are no large benefits with low risk. “So if there are people who offer investments with high returns, this is a sign of bulging investment,” he explained.

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According to Teja, before deciding to invest the community must also find out about the company and its investment products. For example permits from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and other regulators, clear company offices to the company’s track record.

After the company’s track record has been collected properly, we must find out which products will be used to invest. “Must understand first what the product is, how it works so that in the future what the risks will be, how much profit will be gained,” he explained.

He explained that currently victims of bulging investment consisted of various kinds of people. This includes educated people because these people are greedy because they want minimal effort but maximum results.

“For those with an educated level, they have money, but they also want to be able to return as high as it is safe. Yes, there is nothing like that, if you want it to be safe, even though the interest is small,” he explained.

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