On Wednesday, Rex Tillerson the American Secretary of State expressed the United States’ concern that radical groups present a threat towards the Pakistani government’s security and stability. Mr Tillerson arrived late on Tuesday in New Delhi after a rather frigid welcome in Islamabad. Tillerson stated that the United States was concerned about the numerous fundamentalist groups finding safe havens within Pakistan’s territory from which they can launch strikes on other countries. He added that it was his view, which he expressed to the Pakistani leadership, that they are perturbed about the security and stability of the Pakistani government too, according to journalists in New Delhi. He stated that this can result in a threat against Pakistan’s own stability. He added that it will not be in the interest of anyone should the Pakistani government be destabilised.

Tillerson’s Pakistani visit


Rex Tillerson visit Pakistan just months after Islamabad was accused by President Trump that they are giving safe harbouring to what he called, agents of chaos, providing them with the ability to attack NATO forces led by the United States in the neighbouring Afghan region. Tillerson uttered his warning after he stopped unannounced on Monday in Afghanistan. Whilst in Afghanistan he restated America’s commitment to them and expressed a warning that specified requests were made to Pakistan regarding militancy. In New Delhi, Tillerson thanked Sushma Swaraj, his Indian counterpart that they stand shoulder against shoulder with America to combat the regional extremism.