On Wednesday, the fourth Unique Drama Festival which is organized by the Unique Group-of-Institutions started. This drama festival will continue for three days and is arranged in cooperation with the Education Department of the Punjab school, at the location of Alhamra Arts Council. During the festival’s first day, 17 schools will be performing whilst 14 teams will demonstrate their talent on Thursday. Approximately 46 schools will be participating during this festival. Parents, students and guests from the Unique Group as well as other schools attended the event. The festival was opened by Farhat Mashood Ahmed-Khan, the School Education’s Provincial Minister together with The Unique Group-of Institutions Chairman.

Pakistan dram - Unique Drama Festival: Alhamra Arts Council starts

Comments: guest speakers


Minister Farhat Mashood Ahmed-Khan stated that peace and tolerance form harmony’s backbone and that these festival activities will assist in creating and spreading awareness as well as the message of harmony and peace among both the students and guests. She added that the new generation is part of the virtual world and that they are unfamiliar with the society’s norms. She said that they are spending their time on social media, but these festival activities will shape them positively. These types of activities are crucial for the students’ personality coaching and emphasized the significant role the performing arts play in the forming of the personality. Syed Noor, a Film Director stated that the Unique Drama Festival poses to be a positive step in the direction of providing young artists with a platform where they can express and share their emotions on stage. Irfan Khoosat, the veteran actor stated that their drama industry which is focussing on significant problems should rather provide these young students with an opportunity. Naeem Niazi, an APP-official declared that this entire festival is arranged with the Punjab Government’s support. However, 6 private schools are also participating in the festival, including: LACAS; City School, Garrison School, Kips and American International. He added that 6 governmental schools were also approached, but they did not respond. He said that reminders were sent to them, but that they were not interested to participate.