Two main members affiliated with the Catalan independence movement were committed to custody by a Spanish judge.

One of them is Jordi Sànchez, if you are not familiar with the head of the ANC that is knwon as (Catalan National Assembly) and the other one Jordi Cuixart who leads the Omnium Cultural. They were both imprisoned without the option of bail whilst they are investigated on suspicion of insubordination.

The two men are observed as the leaders who organized an independence vote of 1 October, which was suspended by the Spanish courts.

The Madrid government denounced this vote as illegal

Charles Puigdemont, the regional head of Catalonia, puts his signature to the declaration of independence, after the referendum. However, he stopped the implementation of the declaration to allow the negotiations.

He required that negotiations should take place during the following two months. The Spanish government reacted to this by warning that the declaration must be repealed or otherwise Catalonia will have to face to be ruled by Madrid directly.

Mr Puigdemont further antagonized Madrid when he refused to make it clear whether he declared independence during last week or not.

Madrid gave mr Puigdemont time until Thursday to make his position perfectly clear. After the news of the incarceration of Messrs Sànchez and Cuixart, he strike out at the Spanish government on Twitter.

Mr Cuixart recorded a video prior to his appearance in court. This video was then released via his Twitter account, following his imprisonment. In the video Mr Cuixart urges the separatists to always keep hoping because Catalonia’s people deserved their future.

Both Mr Sànchex and Cuixart were also been implicated of instigating protesters when officials were blocked to enter the regional government offices of Catalonia during 20- and 21 September.

Supporters of the pro-independence movement are seeking further protests, to demand the release of the two men, according to James Reynolds, BBC reporter in Barcelona.

Josep Lluis Trapero, Catalonia’s  head of the police department was freed only hours before the High Court’s ruling.

The Mossos d’Esquadra, Treapero’s police force is blamed for failing to render help to the Spanish Guardia Civil police in tackling thousands of protesters of the pro-independence movement during the referendum run-up.