On Tuesday, a Turkish teacher and his wife, who were deported from Pakistan, were  taken into custody in Turkey.


Mesut Kacmaz, who was the vice-principal at the Pak-Turk International-Schools & Colleges as well as his wife, had been arrested by Turkey officials. Ankara accused the couple of having relations with the Gulen movement, which is banned. However, Kacmaz and his wife had disappeared 3-weeks ago.


Mesut Kacmaz was accused by the Turkish government, who oppose the Gulen movement, of supporting the failed coup during July 2016. However, Kacmaz had rejected these allegations, whilst PakTurk schools also denied accusations of having relations with the banned Gulen movement.


On 27 September, Mesut Kacmaz together with his wife as well as two daughters, was abducted from his residence which is located in the eastern region of Lahore in Pakistan. This statement was issued by the HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) at that stage.


Ali added that they were transported to the Islamabad airport and handed over into the custody of Turkish policemen, who took them into a luxury, unmarked aircraft which appeared to be empty.


According to the two daughters the family was flown to the city of Istanbul. Afterwards their parents were separated, and was flown to Ankara, remaining in the custody of the Turkish police


Mesut Kacmaz’s two daughters are now residing with their grandmother.