Washington- After coming back from the visit to iraq,the US Army chief of staff, Gen Mark Milley stated that the US troops has join hands with Iraqi security forces and are providing guidance and training to them to combat IS militants wandering in the region and spoiling its peace. After watching the whole scenario he too illustrated that the current situation in Iraq seems to be quite change than it was few years back when ISIS first stepped into the region with its overwhelming tactics and destroyed the land so US troops will remain deployed in the region until and unless there will be complete eradication of insurgents and militants.
The land which was previously being controlled and taken by militants and insurgents is back in the hands of Iraqis but terrorism at lower level still exists there.There is no complete eradication of terrorism from the land have yet to be seen so the war and counter terrorism operations and insurgencies against ISIS have not yet stopped or put to an end.Moreover Milley further said that the US congress still have not yet approved the funding of new units or personnels in the Army budget of this year.

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