On Sunday, Radio Pakistan reported that Rex Tillerson, the American Secretary of State is due to arrive in Pakistan on Sunday. Mr Tillerson arrived on Saturday in Riyadh on a trip of 6 days. During this trip he will visit Qatar, too which is involved in a diplomatic controversy with Saudi Arabia. Khawaja Muhammad Asif, the Pakistani Foreign Minister invited Rex Tillerson to visit his country. Mr Tillerson who will be in Pakistan for one day will meet with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Javed Bajwa, Pakistan’s Army Chief and Khawaja Muhammad Asif, the Foreign Minister.  Sources reported that Afghanistan’s stability, relations between Pakistan and the United States as well as security issues in the region will be debated at the meetings. During December, James Mattis, the American Secretary of Defence will pay a visit to Pakistan too.


Rex Tillerson’s Indian visit


Mr Tillerson will also pay a visit to India during next week and stated in his speech that discussions had started in the US, debating some alternatives to China’s financing of Asian infrastructure, which according to critics has generated fears and antagonism of a snare of debt. He asked for the extension of the range of security collaboration between the United States, Japan and India for the inclusion of more countries, like Australia. Such a strategy would according to China’s past reaction be a factor which could destabilise the region. However, India  was cautious of US requests to take on a larger military role which includes collaborative patrols in the Pacific and Indian Ocean, which they fear could cause more antagonism from China.