Tom Brady, the famous quarterback, playing for the New England Patriots for 19 years, had a highly profitable career and since 2000 he earned approximately $197 million.

However, his income is considerably lower than what he could have earned in theory, if it was not for the fact that he gave up a variety of contract discounts which is valued, as per a Business Insider numbers-crunch at an assessed $60 million.

Brady played for the Patriots for his whole NFL career which implicated that he had to make financial sacrifices, allowing the team to take care of roster issues.

During 2007, Brady streamlined his contract, taking a discount to enable his team securing Randy Moss.

If Brady did not make these sacrifices and rather signed contracts which would equal those of other highly ranked quarterbacks, his career earnings, would appeared different, whilst making a minimum of $60 million more.

This amount was determined by speculating that if Brady could negotiated some contracts at the NFL’s top during 2005; 2009; 2013 as well as 2017, equal to contracts signed by Peyton Manning (2005); Eli Manning (2009); Drew Brees (2013) & Ben Roethlisberger (2017), when in reality he started handing out large discounts.

However, there exists another opinion about this. It can be argued that taking into account Brady’s priorities to negotiate, taking his team into account benefited him eventually.

If Brady pursued top dollar contracts, both he as well as the Patriots would have a different reputation or record than is the case now.

The amount of $60 million poses to be a conservative estimate. If Brady had speculatively bargained for new top dollar contracts during his 19 years career, his revenue could at this stage be $100 million higher.

In fact this is all speculation and nobody can determine how different circumstances could have been if Brady refrained from giving contract discounts to the Patriots over the years.

Brady, 41 years of age is planning to play till he reach the age of 45, which give him more seasons to pull in more cash!

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