they only live for you poem

They only Live for you

                Is someone Loyal to you?

                Do you Observe who like you or not?

                 Very cared about you?

                 Earn for your sake?


       Only live for you?

                 Never hates you?

                 Who is the person that pardon your mistake?

                 Who Spend the whole life in praying for you?

Yes, loved one’s I talk about all the parents who love you by the depth of heart love you without any reason, without any desire, without any cost and spends their whole life just to educate you or to tell you which path is best for you, clear you about right and wrong and groom you in such a way that you can face the difficulties of life. If no one prays for you they pray for you. And so many sacrifices they face for you which I cannot explain in words.

                            But do you love your parents as they can deserve???

No, you only show your love towards them when you are needy, helpless or you get your pocket money your say’s oh! Mama you are my queen oh! Dad you are my hero please give me money or the think you want for your own purposes you just buttering not show your love when you get it then say’s please leave me alone, don’t disturb, or so on….

You just love your parents artificially just for your sake, your needs. Time pass and you continue this one day they became old they only need your attention your love but you are busy you have no time to give then even a minute, you even can’t feel good to speak to them when you are in power, you feel irritating, shameful when they mention you in front of your friends or colleagues.

Your say’s oh! Stop it please go away or stay away of my matters you are just a source of irritation for me leave me alone your parents listen your bitter words but say only one thing ok dear. You give then food twice a good and think I done my duty properly.

I asked only one thing to you why??? Your parents spend their whole life comforts just for you they sacrifice their needs just for you and when they become weak they only need you or you don’t Show cares about them.

I request you to all please love your parents by depth of yours heart, respect them, and attend them in a soft way as they attend you when you born no one loves you like that they are the great blessing of Allah and the obvious source of getting the paradise.  Please avail this beautiful blessing before they gone and you become helpless or needy in a real manner.

                         Show cares towards parents

                    Allah will show cares about you

                    Give respect, take respect 😊


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