There was plenty of GLOSSARY MONEY COSTS in the Middle East


US President Donald Trump predicts this will be a “big week”, on the occasion of the presentation of his administration’s infrastructure plan.

After “so stupid spending of $ 7,000 billion in the Middle East, now is the time to start investing in OUR country!”, Trump wrote on his Twitter account this morning.


The White House should announce a $ 1.5 trillion financial stimulus proposal for the rehabilitation of roads, highways, ports and airports for a period of 10 years. The plan is based on the use of $ 200 billion of federal money to encourage local governments and states to invest in projects.

Trump will meet today with local and state leaders in the White House to discuss the plan. The US president has repeatedly blamed “decaying” state roads and highways to hinder the US economy in its efforts to realize its full potential. Many in Washington believe that Tramp should have started its mandate a year ago with an initiative for infrastructure, which would be supported by both parties or would, at the very least, prevent the democrats from opposed to a popular political measure.