The Cartier website says that golden foxes symbolize the “glow of unbreakable love”. To be the owner or owner of this jewelry item, you need a lot of money.

It was first introduced in 1969 and designed Aldo Cipulo for jewelry from Paris. It quickly became a subject of desire all over the world. Sometimes this bracelet was sold only in a golden version, couples, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Barton, Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti. The design has practically remained virtually the same for nearly 50 years. The gilt is replaced with three alloys of gold and the price of bracelets is from 4,500 to 56,000 dollars. Now they do not have to buy the pair as they used to. Cartier also released the thinner version, but also the one adorned with diamonds worn by the stars of the world souvenir scene.

Since this piece has become so popular, it’s no surprise that a whole range of forgeries, parody and other attempts to copy original Cartier design appeared.

How is the original recognized?

The screws on the whole bracelet are fake, stamped; only two are right and they are used for tightening. These two screws are often lost, and the replacement costs about $ 60.

The old models had a serial number, but the flourishing of false bracelets indicated Cartier that each serial number is completed with a logo and a seal of 18K and 750. This is a golden bracelet of 18 cards that costs $ 6,300. Cartier makes them from white and pink gold, and there is an option to have diamonds and other precious stones. Every Love Bracelet is supplied in a box with a screwdriver for screwing and screwing the screws.

This will require little help from your partner, which is actually the point of the whole idea of ​​Love bracelets.