The militants shot down a Russian “Sukhoi” in the north of Syria


The Russian “Sukhoi 25” combat aircraft was shot down above the Idlib area in the north of Syria, which is controlled by insurgents.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory reported that the pilot catapulted before the fall and was captured, but the allegations were denied by the Russian Ministry of Defense, which said the pilot was killed.


A video posted on social networks shows when the plane is hit and the wreck on the ground is on the other. There are numerous rebel groups in the province of Idlib, including Hajat Tahrir al-Sham linked to Al Qaeda. The fate of the pilot was not immediately confirmed, as well as any group that had shot down the plane and carried out the capture.
Syrian rebels subsequently announced they had shot down a Russian combat aircraft in a zone in northern Syria where severe air strikes were being carried out. According to one source, the plane was pulled over the city of Kan-al-Subl near Sarakeb, near the main highway. This zone was the scene of a fierce air attack and the offensive of the ground forces of the Syrian army and the Iranian militia. Two sources of rebels say the pilot was seriously injured after he managed to land a parachute.
The third source said that the pilot was killed, and this was confirmed by an official statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense stating that the aircraft was most probably overrun with the MANPAD missile system, and that the pilot was catapulted, but that he died during the conflict with militants on earth.