Nobody knows the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the bitcoin. It is unknown how it looks, where it lives, and even whether it is alive or dead.

It is not known whether Nakamoto is one person or group of people, but if it is an individual, it is currently 52nd on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world.

Judging by the fact that the bitcoin is still in the expansion and its price rises, Nakamoto could soon come to the forefront of the mentioned list and become the first billionaire (imagine zero, come to you, believe that there are so many).

These are facts – Nakamoto owns nearly a million bitcoins, which means it is “hard” more than $ 17 billion, according to data on Tuesday’s battle price. It is believed that the mysterious man never sold any bitcoin, which this year recorded a growth of 1,800 percent.

A mystery called Nakamoto leads us from the rising sun to the small city of California, and then passes through the Pacific to an Australian doctor. At least four people were thought to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Three years ago, newspapers wrote that at that time the 64-year-old Japanese man living in California is called Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto and that he may be the creator of the battle. That man denied the allegations.

A year ago, Australian businessman Craig Wright claimed that he was the founder, but that story fell into the water.

Last month billionaire Ilon Mask denied the allegations that he is a mysterious man behind the bitcoin. The former trainee at Mask’s SpaceX company suggested that Satoshi is probably Ilon because of the fact that he is very familiar with economics and cryptography, the understanding of advanced coding languages, and the fact that he is a polychister (a person who possesses expert knowledge and skills in many fields of science, a person who has perfected himself to an expert level and is considered an expert in several quite different areas).