The Hub Disney

The hub Disney consists of a collection of tools and available data to the Cast Members of Disney and is web based.

An employee can register for his / her Hub user ID as well as the password. Registering can be done at all Hub kiosks or Service Centres of the Disney Cast.

After you had registered successfully, The Hub will be accessible from anywhere at, whether you are using in Housing computer labs or using your personal computer.

The Hub Disney: Available information

The Hub provide a wealth of information which include:

·  Resources, locations & resources from the library of Disney University

·  Hotline – Extra Hour$

·  Personal detail like your email address & mailing

·  Cast services like ID office – Access Control; casting scout; payroll

forms and casting

·  Your pay stub

·  Working schedule

·  Ears & Eyes stories

·  Breaking news with regard to the Disney Company & Disney World Resort

·  Sports, music, news and weather

·  Trivia & facts concerning Disney

·  Events and casting activities

·  Information & Company Disney sales.

·  Programs & activities for the Cast only

·  Events and details regarding Mickey’s Retreat

·  Activities & messages which are based on roles

·  Guidelines for the Disney Look

·  Training opportunities.

·  Services & departmental data

·  Programs participants & Disney internships; this segment provides messages, information & tips about a lot of topics, including:

Upcoming events

Career planning

Educational program

Photos recently taken at housing events

Schedules for transportation

Weekly email copies & newsletter: The Communicator

Housing the Magic (HTM) episodes

Information regarding program extension

Brief History of the Company

Walt & Roy O Disney founded the Disney Company on 16 October 1923. The company’s head office is located in Burbank in the state of California. This famous and well known company employs about 199,000 representatives. For these employees the hub Disney offers a wealth of information and tools!

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