The gap between the life of the poor and the rich grows


The gap between the life of the poor and the rich is growing, the results of the latest research. According to this study, for a child born today in a poor family and circumstances it can be expected that he will die 8.4 years earlier in relation to someone born in a wealthy environment. In a recent study of the Scientific Panel “Longevity”, it is said that the difference between the life span of the poor and the rich increases.


The survey states that, on average, a boy born in one of the fifth of the richest environments can expect to live 8.4 years longer than someone born in one of the poorest regions, an increase of 7.2 years 2001. year.

This gap is deepening when it comes to girls, where one can expect the poor girls born this year to die 5.8 years earlier in comparison to rich girls, an increase of five years compared to 2001.

Researchers say the deepening of the gap is primarily about money and that for those who live with social assistance and with little cash, they can expect to die younger than their wealthy compatriots.

Karen Danel, a member of the Panela, said that the earlier death was because some of the poor were the most unfortunate outcome that exists and should be addressed.

– In order to reduce the risk of further deepening of the gap, we need to better understand the causes, and then apply coordinated policies and initiatives in the fields of health, work, social assistance, pension systems and housing care in order to improve the chances for all – she said.