Cryptoworks have caused a real financial insanity in recent years. In that period, a handful of people gained great wealth, while others remained without millions of dollars due to unpredictable price cuts. However, the fate of bitcoin and other digital currencies is still uncertain.


The most popular digital bitcoin has reached at once a sparse value of $ 20,000, so that a few months later a surplus to “only” 10,000. Despite a drastic fall, people still make money from the bitcoin that has stabilized at about $ 11,000 these days. Still, many are wondering if there will be a collapse of digital money in the future. There is a chance for this to happen if collective greed encourages a financial bubble (like the one from 2007-2008), which will ultimately push.

As people often hear stories about how others create money with the help of crypts, they begin to buy them themselves, which increases their price and creates new tales of wealth, and thus new investments. The cycle continues until the price of the fixed asset becomes unrealistic. At the end of the balloon shoots, and many people are losing everything. What’s next for a popular digital money world is still unknown, and experts predict three possible times that are in front of the crypts.


Cryptoworks could achieve the goal of their creators, and become widely used in everyday life. In this case, few people will be enriched, but not more than the first investors in other basic technologies such as computing or the Internet.


The Bitcoin time could end with a serious disaster, which would completely destroy the faith of the people in this sector, leaving the investors. It could also bring many “miners” who have invested thousands or millions of equipment with just one purpose, to bankruptcy.

In order for technology to be used for “digging” the crypts at all, it would be profitable, it is also necessary that bit and other digital money keep a high price. In the event of a fall, all of this equipment would become a surplus.

Status quo

The situation could also be maintained at the level it was in the past five years. In such a scenario, the use of cryptopaths would remain stable, mostly illegal and to a large extent in the underground sphere. The price of digital money would continue to oscillate. To demonstrate, the upward and downward trend could in a strange way become a constant, with predictable outcomes.