The direction which Xi Jinping, the Chinese President will choose during the following years will not only impact Pakistan, but the whole world order. Since Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping is the first leader of the Chinese ruling Communist Party who on Tuesday have managed to amend the Chinese constitution by adding his ideology and name to it. This makes him China’s mightiest leader over a period of decades. This is also an indication that the following Chinese period will be a decisive one. Therefore, Napoleon whilst referring to China by calling it a sleeping giant who could, when it awakens, be able to move the world, was absolutely correct. This move is an indication that it is Jinping’s goal to remain in his seat comfortably for a lengthy period. This step would make it rather difficult for party members to contradict him. The world can either gain or lose more by the action of the Chinese president’s ideology which is honoured in China’s constitution now.

Jinping’s policies and impact on other countries


A significant element regarding Jinping’s policies was to take center stage worldwide with the aim to initiate China as a major power which acts a rule-setting part in affairs on a global scale. This is consistent with the projection that as a consequence of a self-centered United States led by an inefficient president, China will step forward as the superpower of the world. This is a thought which was reiterated by African, Asian and some Western countries such as Canada. How this accentuating of China’s goal to amplify its influence will be experienced by the world, particularly the United States is still uncertain. However it will be safe to say it won’t be experienced well. Seen on the surface, it seems to be beneficial for Pakistan as it consolidates China’s ambition for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The possibility remains that is could be stopped as they did with OBOR (One Belt One Road), as this is now stated in their constitution. However, they could arouse opposition from the United States or India, which could place Pakistan in jeopardy. The speech by Jinping also stimulates sedition from those opposing CPEC, who could experience this as a prediction of a new kind of imperialism.