TF Card versus the Micro SD Card

Is your smartphone’s memory card a TF card or a Micro SD card? We store a lot of information and items on our smartphones including videos, photos documents and much more.

Of course the sharpest pencils in the box, will know this, but many other people don’t really know the difference!

The TF Card:

The SanDisk company launched the TransFlash Card (TF) during 2004. This digital card which is micro secure, is almost the same size as a fingernail.

This card is deemed as the smallest memory card in the word. This digital card can be used on devices including PDA, iPod, Smartphone, Digital-camera etc.

The Micro SD Card:

Micro SD is short for Secure Digital. It is a removable flash card, created for storing information on a smartphone as well as other mobile digital devices.

This secure digital card is also used on certain new portable GPS devices.

Differences Between the TF- and Micro SD card:

The SD-Card Association endorsed the TransFlash card during 2005, after which  the TransFlash card was retitled MicroSD card. Despite this, some differences still exist.

  • Non-memory Tasks

Micro SD cards have the ability to perform non-memory tasks due to the fact that SDIO mode is supported.

These non-memory tasks include GPS, Near Field Communication & GPS, whilst Transflash is unable to do this.

  • Capacity

The Transflash card’s capacity is smaller when compared to the SD card. The volume of the TransFlash card is 15mm x 11mm x 1mm which is similar to the micro SD-card. The volume of a standard SD card is 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm.

  • Security Component

The SD card’s security segment contains a switch, which doesn’t feature on the TransFlash card.

However, by using an adapter it is possible to convert a TransFlash card to a SD card.

  • Memory Size

The availability where memory size is concerned of the SD card is up to 2 TB, whilst the Transflash card is up to 128GB

  • Support – Storage Capacity

Both the Micro SD and TransFlash card support 256MB; 512MB; 128MB; 2 GB; 4 GB; 6 GB; 8 GB; 16 GB & 32 GB where storage capacity is concerned.

There are no other great differences between the micro SD- and TransFlash cards.

Taking into account the price, it is a fact that both the cards are slightly more expensive in comparison with regular SD cards.

This short article will hopefully solve the dilemma concerning the differences between the Micro SD and TF card!

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