TCS Webmail: A Summary

Tata Consultancy Services provides the TCS Webmail service. They are an Indian Technology Company, with their headquarters in Mumbai. This email service is a great accessory for their employees!

However, since Tata Consultancy Services took the decision to reposition their webmail towards the back of the VPN, their employees are experiencing problems.

Their employees are unable to use the email service when they are outside their premises. Is there a solution for this problem? The answer is yes!

How to access TCS webmail on your mobile

Below you will find the steps to follow to login to your emails:

  • Download the Citrix Receiver app on your Apple mobile or Android
  • Download it free from the apple app store or Google play store
  • After downloading, install the app
  • When you installed it successfully, open
  • After entering username & password you will be able to log into

your emails.

Information about Citrix Receiver

The Citrix Receiver is created to access your desktop, email and other app by using your mobile.

After you successfully installed the application, open the Netscaler Gateway. This is Tata Consultancy Service new login page.

Now enter your ultimatix credentials (official ERP portal) to log in.

After the completion of this, the Citrix Receiver application will then take you to your webmail.

Now you select Lotus Webmail to take you through to the webmail page of TCS.

For accessing your emails on IOS or Android, enter your username & password for webmail.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd is operating in 46 countries and forms a subdivision of the Tata Group. Their number of worldwide employees exceed 394,998.

If you are a Tata Consultancy Service employee, you have the privilege to use their innovative TCS webmail email service!

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