Taliban leader killed in Pakistan


Pakistani Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq Mehsud confirmed that the deputy leader of the group was killed in the attack of an American drone in Pakistan. He said that Halid Mehsud, also known as Commander Sadzna, was killed in an attack that occurred on Thursday, February 8, in the village of Gorvak in Northern Waziristan, which once represented the militant militia.

Tariq has stated that commander Mufti Nor Wali has been appointed as the new deputy leader of the Taliban. A spokesman for the militant group added that Vali enjoys the support of Mula Fazlilah, Pakistani Taliban, who is believed to have been arrested in Afghanistan.


Pakistani officials have previously said there are unconfirmed reports that Sadzhna was killed in the attack of an American drone. Islamabad opposes attacks by unmanned aircraft, “threatening the sovereignty of Pakistan”.