The United States Embassy’s INL (Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs) funded an all-inclusive course for emergency tactical medical training. A Master Trainer course of 2 weeks will follow above-mentioned course for 30 Policemen of Pakistan. Gregory Schiffer, the INFL Director said that emergency medical emergency training in first aid will boost the capability of the police in providing life saving medical attention to civilian and police casualties, who would otherwise be deprived of it. The police officers who attend this training course are equipped now with the necessary skills enabling them to save lives. Eight Pakistani police organizations were represented, including: Gilgit Baltistan Police; Frontier Constabulary; Punjab Police; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police; Balochistan Police; Sindh Police; National Highways & Motorways Police; Islamabad Capital-Territory Police.

Pakistan police officers1 - Tactical medical training supported by US embassy for police officers in Pakistan



Certificates in Basic Life-Support & Tactical Emergency-Casualty Care, which is recognized internationally, were awarded to the 30 police officers. The police officers who attended the course, proclaimed their newly found self-assurance in initiating first aid when it comes to emergency scenes. One of the officers said that previously they could only watch, but now they will be able to render treatment to the injured people, whilst they can teach others to save people’s lives.