After Adam lived a lot of years on earth, he had grand children and later; he even had a lot of great grand children too. Now, there were many, many people living on earth.

Many of these people listened to Allah and were good in Allah’s eyes. However, lots of them were doing bad things and they did not care and did anything which they wanted to do, even knowing that it was wrong.

However, the bad things that these people were doing made Allah very unhappy. Then Allah in His great wisdom decided to do something about these bad people as these bad people could also lead some of the good people into temptation.

Allah’s eyes search through all Adam’s grand children and great grand children. Then Allah’s eyes fell upon Nuh and Allah decided to choose Nuh. He was a good man who could tell the people when they are doing wrong and bad things.

However, these people doing very wrong and bad things decided not to listen to Nuh and just continued to do these bad things. Then Allah took a decision to punish these bad and naughty people.

He called Nuh A.S and told Him to build a very, very big ship, called the ark just next to his home. Nuh then very fast started to choose the best wood he could find and start building this big ship. Nuh A.S  build a very, very fine Ark according to Allah’s dimensions.

Although many people started to laugh and tease Nuh building the Ark, because there was no signs of big storms, Nuh A.S just carried on with his work. He did not care about them laughing at him and just continue with the work Allah gave him.

story of nuh as 300x164 - Some Introduction about Prophet Nuh (May Peace Be Upon Him)

After Nuh finished all his work on the ark, he put lots and lots of food into the ark and went out to gather all the good people. He also took a lot of animals into the ark two of each kind and both genders.

Then one day, just suddenly, the sky turned very dark and stormy clouds covered the blue skies. Then it started raining. At first the rain was light, but then it turned and became heavier and heavier. Then, when the water was rising and it was everywhere, the bad people stopped their teasing and laughing. They became very… very frightened as they had not place to go take shelter from the water. The only people, who were safe, were the good people who were inside the ark, safe, dry with enough food to eat.

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