According to Myeshia Johnson, the widow of US soldier, Sergeant La David Johnson, who died in Niger, said that when President Trump called her to offer his condolences, he could not recall  her husband’s name. She said to ABC News, that the president’s tone of voice and his stumbling moved her to tears. President Trump’s phone call, offering his condolences during last week, made headlines when Frederica Wilson, a Democratic congresswoman blamed him for being insensitive. Ms Wilson listened to the call together with the family. However, the president declared that he used the US soldier’s name without faltering. Mrs Johnson seems to confirm Ms Wilson’s statement that according to the President, Sergeant Johnson was aware of the circumstances for which he signed up when he joined the armed forces.


Mrs Johnson’s comments


Mrs Johnson stated that she was angry about the manner in which the president conveyed his condolences. She added that the President had her husband’s report with him, but struggled to recall his name. However, according to President Trump his conversation was respectful. Mrs Johnson said that while her husband was out there to fight for the country, risking his life, why could the president not remember his name.