Two Pakistani’s who were mentioned in the unfolding Paradise papers are Shaukat Aziz, Pakistan’s former prime minister as well as NICL (National Insurance Corporation Limited) Ayaz Khan Niazi, the former chairperson. Antarctic Trust is linked to Aziz and the beneficiaries include his children, wife and granddaughter. This trust was set up by Aziz in Delaware, the US state, seen as a tax haven, whilst he was associated with Citibank, before his appointment as finance minister during 1999. He did not declare the trust during his term as prime minister or finance minister. During 2012 the opposition accused Aziz of corruption, falsely declared assets and embezzlement of funds. During 2015, Appleby observed that three warrants for his arrest were issued by a Pakistani court related to Amber Bugti’s death. Asiz’s lawyers argued that legally he did not need to declare this trust and that he had paid all relevant US taxes. The trust’s purpose was to provide for his family in case of his death. Ayaz Khan Niazi was connected with a trust as well as three offshore BVI (British Virgin Island) companies: Andalusian Discretionary Trust, Andalusian Enterprises Ltd, Andalusian Establishment Ltd & Andalusian Holdings Ltd. The named companies were established during 2010, while Niazi was the chairperson of NICL. His father and mother, Abdul Razaq Khan and Fauzia Razzaq were directors, whilst his brothers Muhammad Ali Khan Niazi and Hussian Khan Niazi were beneficial owners. Umar Cheema, a Pakistani reporter, declared on TV that various business people and companies from the gas & oil sector are also named in these leaked documents.

paradise papers - Shaukat Aziz, ex-PM and Ayaz Khan Niazi, former-NICL Chief mentioned in Paradise Papers