Development and the sea trials of the China’s first domestically built carrier is playing crucial role in its naval programs. This carrier is part of China’s aviation programs along with the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch system which will help its navy to operate a wide range of aircraft carriers.

The flying shark growth fighter jet J-15  of China belongs to the Russia’s SU-fighter family and it is highly modified and modernize which help in naval warships against the allies.About 24 J-15 fighter air crafts have been produced and China is carrying out catapult tests with these air crafts.China is further planning for the development of twin seat variant of J-15  jets with modern avionics and radar systems, which will fly from Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.

The plan also includes the training of approximately 400 news pilots in order to operate land and carrier based air crafts which will reduce the relying capability for operating these air crafts by People Liberation Army Air force.