According to research conducted by the University of Syracuse, black chocolate improves cognitive functions of the brain, encourages better memory, better judgment and better concentration. Considering that it’s important to everyone that our brain works best during the day, scientists have concluded that chocolate is best to eat for breakfast.

In addition, science has listed several more situations in which black chocolate is more than welcome; let’s say, before taking some exam, but before bedtime.

Exactly, the same chocolate that will allow you to make your brain work better in the morning, will be your best ally before bedtime. Of course, chocolate is our best friend and when we are in a bad mood; It stimulates the formation of endorphins, hormones that make us happier. In addition, black chocolate reduces the risk of stroke and, believing or not, helps with weight removal because it accelerates metabolism. It is known that black chocolate in normal amounts is good for health, but it is a feeling of guilt while sweetening is nevertheless present in the majority.

Possible because it is very difficult (for some it is impossible) to hold and “stick” to acceptable dice, when in front of us stands 100 grams in front of us.

And for the final reminder, when choosing chocolate, you choose those with less sugar and a higher percentage of cocoa.