Saudi Arabia billionaires finally on freedom


Most of those who were detained during Saudi Arabia’s capture operation were released from the Ric-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh, where they were in custody for corruption charges, a Saudi official said.


The conquerors reached an agreement with the Saudi government to renounce one part of their wealth in exchange for freedom.

According to the chief Saudi prosecutor, the government received a total of about 106 billion dollars from them. Those who have not yet reached an agreement, 61 of them, will remain in custody until this is resolved. Hundreds of princes, senior officials and businessmen were arrested and detained at a hotel in the Saudi capital, within an arrest operation that began in early November 2017.

Since the beginning of the action, the hotel in Riyadh is closed to guests. According to the Chief Prosecutor, a total of 381 people were brought in, including billionaires.