On Thursday a Russian helicopter carrying eight passengers, crashed into the sea just off the Arctic coast’s group of islands of Svalbard.The leader of the Norwegian rescue mission, Tore Hongset, who coordinates the operation said to the TV2 Norwegian broadcaster, that whilst conducting the rescue operation, the visibility is bad. There are many waves despite the fact that there is no wind. He concluded that they are searching for the aircraft, physically. A spokesperson for Northern Norway’s joint rescue attempt said to Reuters that the helicopter’s  and the passengers on board fate were still unclear.

Russian helicopter - Russian helicopter crashed into the sea: off Arctic island whilst Norway deployed  rescue service

Helicopter’s route:


However, the helicopter was on route from the settlement of Pyramiden to Barentsburg, the coal-mining port. It was confirmed later that it crashed into the ocean approximately 2 to 3 kilometres from Barentsburg. Norway has sovereignty to govern Svalbard due to a 1920 treaty. Norway allows all nations who had signed this treaty to conduct business there, exploiting the natural sources of Svalbard. Currently there are over 40 countries that form a part of this treaty. Svalbard is located approximately 700 kilometres just north of the mainland of Europe. Arktikugol, a Russian coal company, manages the Barentsburg coal mine, which is the principal activity, employing Ukrainian and Russian miners.