Ruined Hopes: Article by Kishwar Sajjad

As a dweller of the earth our single desire is not more than to live in peace and harmony but unfortunately on the other side all evil powers are Unanimously on way for making complete destruction of this planet. After two horrible world wars now the human beings seems in hurry and fueling disputes and conflicts by hate and greed to get into to the heaven or hell. 

The production and trade of mass destruction weaponry both conventional and non- conventional ,imposing wars in the name of war against terrorism on innocent people to grab their natural resources and creating human crises through dispersion in different regions has been shaped the face of globe very ugly. Civility is facing poverty, hunger, diseases and insecurity due to economic injustice, inequality and discrimination.

For a while set aside the climate change and its existing consequences, Us-Iran tension North Korea issue, explosive situation of Palestine, civil war in Syria,Libya,Somalia and Afghanistan and a core issue of Indian occupied Kashmir, the basic entanglement is that how to address extremism that is dancing everywhere.

World’s wise men and sharpe-sighted policy makers are studying white supremacist ideology in the west after New Zealand incident but they are not willing to accept responsibility of promoting so-called Jihadi ideology in the last portion of second millennium in Pakistan against Soviet Union intervention in Afghanistan. This is open secret that Pakistan is still sacrificing in result. 

It is very clear that the dream of safety and peace could not come true in the presence of intolerance, dialogue is compulsory at the world level to prevent the possible clash of civilization. Arrogance and act of ignorance of leading powers is bringing down the high human values, this behavior of revolt is not appreciable.

Peace, development and prosperity are the equal rights of mankind without any discrimination but who cares? Food shortage in poor countries and food wastage in rich countries is the result of exploitation and inhuman act. 

If we need to safe humanity than we have to prove ourselves more responsible also. World have to acknowledge the forced March of terrorism against global peace and steps should be taken in proper ways. Contingently the clash of civilization is not a invisible fear, we can see it’s footprints with open eyes just like in Sri Lanka after New Zealand incident. 

Now the question is that where to beg and who to request to bring this harmful situation to an end, we have only vexatious not generous, preparing star war is a lived reality. We are waiting for positive transposition in our lives but where the hopes are?

The last hope UNO and it’s Security Council is like a fire kindled on the ground round which the leading powers sit and warm themselves, is not?

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