In order to support Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces , US forces have shown their supporting efforts  for the arrival of A-10 air crafts and assets in Kandahar region of Afghanistan under the operation Freedom Sentinel and the Resolute Support Mission.

The ongoing strategic and counter terrorism operations in Afghanistan to disrupt all the terrorist sanctuaries and hubs, US further want to increase its air power capability in the region including intelligence,reconnaissance and surveillance. So according to the planned mission the 303rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron  arrived on 19 January 2018 will complete the mission within 24 hours in Kandahar region.

For the deployment of more air crafts in the region the Engineer Squadrons will rapidly construct a wide of air crafts to accommodate the arrival of additional Airmen,assets and air crafts. The already deployed airmen are working for the transport of 35,00 short tons of intra-theater supplies.