Lahore:Last Medical and spiritual treatment of every disease,recite Surah  Fatiha with firm belief and faith as a Muslim.Allah Kareem may bless u good health and peace Insha Allah.This was stated by well known Religious Scholar and Mahir Uloom Makhfyat Allama Shabbir Hassan Saqi Naqshbandi talking to exclusively.

To get rid of every disease including cancer,heart problems,pains ,sugar or any kind of ailment,u have to recite this Holy Surah Fatiha 41 times daily during  Fajr prayer.Recite this surah after Sunnah of Fajr before Fraaz . Recite 11,11 time Darood Pak at starting and at last. Allama Shabbir Hassan said that Intact the last MEEM of Bismaillah  with Alhamdulailah.You have to recite like this, Bismilla hirrahma nirrahee mil hamdulilah. Then u recite fully this Surah. After completion reciting this Surah Fatiha blow on water and save it into any bottle or jar.Drink this water many times. Continue this recitation for 41 days .