Karachi(Daily Haroof online Special) Founder of Pakistan Quaid i Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had a rarere  and superb personality.He used to wear high class dresses.His style of walking,standing and talking was superb rather Majestic,of course.

quaide azam best photo - Quaid i Azam had a Majestic Style of Life,Dashing personality,Strict principales,No One could compete him

All his opponent  leaders including,Gandhi,Nehru even Viceroy of India lord Mountbatten could not compete Quaid i Azam in any field of Social life.Muhammad Ali Jinnah had a dashing personality.

Every one can see what a Majestic style had our Father of Nation,in this historic pic.All opponent leaders even  a Hindu sikh or British were impressed by Quaid i Azam Mesmeric personality and his fantastic, unique style of life. Riches,lords ,Landlords, Nawabs and Aristocrats of Sub Continent try to follow our great Quaid’s style.His politics as well as living style was according to strict principles of decency,purity ,honesty and crystality.We love Pakistan.We love Quaid i Azam and we should proud of our great leader indeed.