Pyongyang purchased parts for the missile program through the embassy in Berlin


North Korea used its Embassy in Berlin to procure parts for its missile program, said German-based intelligence agency “BFV” Hans-Georg Masen.


In a program that will be broadcast on German television station “NDR” on Monday, February 5, Masen said that it was determined that procurement activities were carried out from the Embassy and that this was done for the needs of the missile and nuclear program of North Korea. According to him, “double use of goods” is often used, which can be used for civil and military purposes.

Masen stressed that the German authorities prevented similar activities as soon as they were discovered, but that there was no guarantee that everything was “detected and prevented”.

“It is necessary to assume that parts for the North Korean launch program have been obtained in other markets or purchased from underground buyers in Germany,” adds Masen.

No one from the North Korean Embassy in Berlin was available for any comment.