POVERTY IN AMERICA Millions of people do not get any dolar from the state


In the US, there are 47 million poor people, and nine million do not earn or receive a dollar from the state, according to the US Bureau of Population Census. The data show that 0.1 percent of wealthy US families have as much as 90 percent of all families in the United States.


Professor Filip Alston, Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights of the UN, wrote a social study, traveling to the United States and pointing to the situation of tens of millions of people. Every fifth child in America lives on a national kitchen, and researchers point out that there are millions of households in the United States who earn less than $ 2 a day.

Also, 46 ​​million people use public kitchens and food for charities. The number of unaccounted children in the United States has increased by 60 percent over the last six years, and 1.6 million children spent the last year in homeless shelters. When it comes to racial affiliation, in 2016, there were 22 per cent of African Americans in the African population, South American women accounted for 19.4 per cent, Asian 10 per cent, and white people 8.8 per cent. Every fifth African American and South American is poor in the US, and every 11 white people.

The data show that nearly half of the young Americans (48.8 percent) at the age of 25 still live with their parents, and 51 percent of American workers earn annually less than $ 30,000. On the list of countries with the best social status, the United States ranked 36th among the 41 countries evaluated. Analytic portals estimate expert estimates that Washington interferes with the affairs of other countries and points to their problems, while at the same time, the breakdown of society is observed in the United States.