Polemic on Termination of Cooperation, KLHK Call WWF Harms Its Own Reputation

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) regretted the statement of the WWF Indonesia Foundation. This is because the foundation claims that ending the cooperation carried out by KLHK is a one-sided action and harms WWF’s reputation.

“Is it permissible and justified for WWF to make unilateral work plans and then raise funds from abroad and domestically without an official report to KLHK? Also, is it permissible and justified by the actions of WWF to unilaterally expand the scope of the 1998 cooperation agreement?

“Certainly not allowed at all and not justified. Practices like this have been practiced by WWF for years. It must be ended, “he continued.

Wiratno precisely questioned the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees and the Management Board of the WWF Indonesia Foundation. Because he did not realize that his organization had violated the principles of cooperation, violations of fieldwork, and violations of substance for years.

Wiratno also questioned the ethics of the WWF organization which up to now had cooperation under the authority of the government (KLHK), but they had never submitted a report on the progress of the cooperation to KLHK.

“WWF did not submit an official report to KLHK as part of the implementation of the cooperation agreement. Is WWF allowed and justified unilateral actions like that? This is clearly intolerable because WWF undermines governance in a collaboration with government institutions, “Wiratno explained.

He reiterated another fundamental thing related to ending the KLHK collaboration with WWF is the case of forest and land fires (karhutla) that occurred again in the WWF company’s Ecosystem Restoration concession area (PT ABT) in Jambi in 2019.

“This is a recurrent forest and land fire event, because in 2015, forest and land fires also occurred in the WWF concession area,” he explained.

Referring to the legal and field facts about forest and land fires in the WWF concession, Wiratno firmly denied WWF’s statement claiming KLHK had harmed the organization’s reputation.

“It is precisely WWF that is detrimental to its own reputation, with a cooperative approach it does unilaterally. Don’t blame KLHK, but this is the task of the Board of Trustees and the Management Board of the WWF Indonesia Foundation to fix it internally, “explained Wiratno.

In addition, he reminded WWF to immediately focus on improving its own reputation. Namely by allocating the resources he has to complete the facilities and infrastructure for controlling forest and land in his concession.

“That is one of WWF’s urgent priorities to fulfill its legal obligations within 90 working days since mid-January 2020, bearing in mind that the WWF concession is currently in sanction by KLHK due to the 2019 forest and land fires,” he said.

“WWF companies are also required to carry out the restoration of burnt areas in their concession areas. Do not let WWF neglect this matter because WWF is the majority shareholder. If it fails, this is clearly directly related to WWF’s reputation, “Wiratno added.

Regarding WWF’s official statement considering legal options for ending the cooperation by KLHK, Wiratno simply invited the option to be taken. KLHK claimed to be very ready with more than enough legal facts to prove the serious violations committed by WWF for years in implementing the cooperation agreement.

Wiratno explained, KLHK was accustomed to accepting lawsuits from companies. Especially from those involved in forest and land fire.

“WWF company concessions have also been involved in forest and land fires, have been sealed, and are currently carrying out sanctions. So, WWF is welcome to bring a legal suit to the end of the cooperation steps taken by KLHK. We will treat WWF as the owner of a company involved in forest and land fire, “Wiratno stressed.

The termination of the collaboration between the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the WWF Indonesia Foundation is set forth through the Decree of the Minister of Environment and Forestry Number SK.32 / Menlhk / Setjen / KUM.1 / 1/2020 dated January 10, 2020 concerning the End of Cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and Forestry with the WWF Indonesia Foundation . (luk)

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