WASHINGTON-President Donald Trump clearly illustrates his concerns about US national strategy and unveiled all hidden secrets where power competition primarily from two powers Russia and China will lays out the country’s decision making rather than counterterrorism efforts as the central challenge of Washington is to cope up with strategic competition from these states in the security arena.

The piled documents released on Friday by Trump administration reveal the goals of Pentagon about the american posture within national security strategy by keeping in mind the the whole scenario of currently released national defense strategy.
The chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs Gen Joe Dunford will further lead this plan in the coming months and explains Pentagon,s military challenge vis a vis Russia and China.
Deputy assistant secretary for defence and force development clearly elaborated this strategy for good relations with neighbours rather than disrupting it into disputes with them.
This released accurate version of the document mainly focuses on three zones Europe, Middle East and Indo Europe.The US department will cope with the situation itself rather than relying on the ideas of neighbouring allies and partners.