Experts have long been trying to discover the origin of an unusual phenomenon in one part of the Indian Ocean, where there is a huge part of the Earth’s mass, and there is a 100-meter hole.


Since the Earth is not a ball of perfect shape, and the gravitational potential on its surface changes from place to place, and it depends on the density of matter that lies beneath us. Earlier theories proceeded from the fact that this phenomenon is the result of the decay of cold and thick oceanic plates in the deeper earthen layer.

Professor Atriya Gosh of the Indian Institute of Science says this phenomenon continues to confuse scientists.

– The existence of this geoid is one of the biggest problems in the study of the Earth. This is the lowest gravity anomaly on Earth, and scientists have so far not decided to agree on the issue of its origin. It is thought that there is an enormous lack of mass in the lower mantle belt that is causing a lack of Earth’s mass at the bottom of the ocean – explained Professor Gosch and added:

– Low gravity potential would mean that the surface of the ocean will decrease. So, this low geoid would be able to drop an ocean of 100 meters in that part to the depth. The surface of the ocean would be reduced by 100 meters in that region.

However, the latest research has developed a new theory that depression is actually due to the rise of hot matter in the mentality beneath Africa.

– The study found that the source of this phenomenon lies in an anomaly of smaller density, which extends at a depth of 300 to 900 kilometers south of the northern Indian Ocean. Hot, the floating material rises from this zone in the direction of the northeast, and its movement is caused by the shift of the Indian tectonic plate in the same direction, causing the mentioned anomaly, according to the survey.