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What are Papa John’s Pizza Sizes?

is an American fast food restaurant authorization group. In the USA, papa john restaurant serves as the 3rd largest takeaway and pizza delivery cafe string, with a head office in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. There are four sizes of Papa John’s pizzas with authentic crust taste. The pizzas at papa john restaurant are measured by way of diameter in inches.

papa john's piza sizes
• Small _10 Inches
• Medium _12 Inches
• Large _14 Inches
• Extra Large _ 16 Inches
You may order a “papa size” a large personal pan size pizza for just $2 added! The six distinct meats named Pepperoni, Sausage, pork, Hickory-Smoked Beaverbrook, Ham, and some other meat used in restaurant, changed into an excellent blend of sweet and salty meats. At papa john’s pizza restaurant.

Papa John’s large pizza has 10 slices.

  • Does Papa John’s sell single slices?

 No. You can’t buy single slices at Papa John’s.

  • How long does Papa John’s take for carryout?

 Ideally, it will take 15-20 minutes, whilst the delivery is 35 minutes.

  • How big is a 12-inch pizza?

 A 12 inch or medium pizza has 8 slices.

  • How big is a small pizza from Dominos?

 In diameter, their small pizzas are 10 inches.

  • How big is an XXL Papa John’s Pizza UK?

In the UK the XXL pizza of Papa John’s is 15.5 inches in diameter.

What is Papa John’s Menue?

Regarding papa johns pizza menu you will find following. These are some of the papa johns menu specials.

  1. Papa John’s Favorite pizza

2.     Hawaiian Chicken BBQ

3.     Alfredo Delight

4.     BBQ Chicken Bacon

5.     Six Cheese

6.     New York papa john’s pizza

7.     Spinach Alfredo papa john

8.     Spicy Italian papa johns pizza

Papa John’s Near Me

If you are living in USA and want to search about papa john’s pizza near me then this site can be helpful for you to check over 3500 locations for papa john pizza centers.

Papa John’s Stores in The United States

Papa John’s Delivery:

closest papa johns option is always open and available for you. Papa johns delivery can be online too. Just book order and it will be at your home address. Carry option is plus.

Papa john’s pan pizza

See the pictures pan pizza

papa john's pan pizza

Papa John’s Pizza Menu

An American concession group, selling fast food. Within the USA, it is the 3rd largest restaurant chain of takeaways and pizza deliveries. Just looking at papa john’s pizza menu, make your dream of the ultimate satisfying, palatable experience!

At one of these excellent restaurants, you can opt for four sizes of pizza which is measured in inches over it’s diameter.

Papa John’s Pizza Sizes: Authentic Crust Taste

  • 8   Inches Small $14.99
  • 12 Inches Medium $18,49
  • 14 Inches Large $21.49
  • 16 Inches Extra Large $23.49

You can also order a large personal pizza, called “papa size” for just $2 more! (Papa john’s pan pizza)!!

Papa John’s Near Me: In The USA

Living in the USA? This site can assist you to search a papa john’s pizza outlet near me. Here you will be able to check more than 3500 locations of papa john pizza restaurants!

Papa John’s pizza sizes by slice

  • Large 10 slices
  • Medium 8   slices

In the UK, Papa’s XXL pizzas are 15.5 inches over its diameter, whilst at Dominos its small pizza size is 10 inches.

However, you should take into account that Papa’s don’t sell single slices!

Whichever Papa John’s pizza size you want to order for carryout, in general, it will be ready in 15-20 minutes. For delivery allow 35 minutes!

The nearest Papa Johns option will always be available and open for you. Order your choice of pizza online via your mobile and get it delivered on your doorstep. Take into consideration that you will have to pay more for a carryout.

Mouth-Watering Pizzas On Papa John’s Pizza Menu

  • John’s Favourite

Sausage, Pepperoni, Italian seasoning & a blend of 6 cheese.

Excellent Ingredients

Presenting sausage, pepperoni and an abundant blend of six cheeses consisting of Romano, Mozzarella, Asiago, Parmesan, Fontina and Provolone. Italian herb seasonings add the finishing touches! Just one bite and you can become addicted.

Alfredo Delight

Bacon, Parmesan Alfredo sauce, mushrooms, Canadian bacon & Roma tomatoes

Excellent Ingredients

This knockout pizza presents a plethora of flavour. The Parmesan Alfredo garlic sauce, creamy and rich, crested with two kinds of bacon, mushrooms & fresh tomatoes, giving it an absolute marvelous taste.

Hawaiian Chicken BBQ in Papa Johns Pizza

Bacon, chicken with BBQ sauce, pineapple & onions.

This pizza, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, when you close your eyes can actually take you to an island in your imagination! Quenched in piquant BBQ sauce it’s then covered with bacon, grilled white chicken, fresh onion slices, bacon, and juicy & sweet pineapple dainties and Voila, you are in the tropics!

  • Six Cheese

An original blend of Asiago, Parmesan, Fontina, Romano, Provolone, Fontina and genuine cheese derived from Mozzarella.

Excellent Ingredients of papa john’s pizza

Have a true Italian taste! Layering signature pizza sauce with a true blend of Romano, Parmesan, Fontina, Asiago, real cheese derived from Mozzarella and Provolone. Fresh and hot baked and apply its finishing touches using Italian herb seasonings.

  • BBQ Chicken Bacon

Bacon, all-white chicken topped with BBQ sauce & onions.

Excellent Ingredients

This irresistible pizza can be addictive! Piquant BBQ sauce provides a spicy taste, whilst it gets topped with bacon, white chicken and freshly sliced onions.

  • Papa John in New York

Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, Pepperoni, green peppers & onions.

Excellent Ingredients

Take a bite and taste what Central Park could feel like! Premium pepperoni, three delectable meats, Canadian bacon – julienne cut, tangy Italian sausage, paired with fresh peppers & onions delivering a palatable flavor.

Specialties On Papa John’s Pizza Menu

1. Works

2. Garden Fresh

3. Meats

4. Hawaiian

5. Italiana

6. Spicy Italian

7. Spinach Alfredo

Canadian bacon, pepperoni, onions, spicy Italian sausage, mushrooms, black olives & green peppers.

Excellent Ingredients

A stack of prime pepperoni, tangy Italian sausage, julienne cut Canadian bacon, mushrooms, fresh green peppers, ripe black olives, crispy sliced onions & mushrooms. This pizza will give you all you expect from a pizza, especially when you are hungry!

  • Garden Fresh

Roma tomatoes, onions, green peppers, black olives & mushrooms.

Excellent Ingredients

Fresh vegetables together on a delectable pizza. Heaped with fresh green peppers, mushrooms, crispy sliced onions, ripe Roma tomatoes and ripe black olives. Expertly prepared and will be delivered hot to your doorstep.

  • Meats

Sausage, pepperoni, bacon, beef & Canadian bacon.

Excellent Ingredients

This pizza does its name honor being called the meats pizza. It is prepared from top-quality meats which include: savory sausage, prime pepperoni, bacon, genuine beef & julienne-cut Canadian bacon. A hearty and palatable pizza!

  • Hawaiian

Pineapple & Canadian bacon.

Excellent Ingredients

With this pizza you can imagine that you are really in the tropics. This mouth-watering pizza prides itself consisting of an abundant Canadian bacon serving, together with pineapple snippets and crested with Papa John’s genuine cheese derived from Mozzarella.

  • Italiana

Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, oregano & black olives.

Excellent Ingredients

For a taste of Italy, this Italiana pizza will perfectly do. Spicy Italian sausage, prime pepperoni, mushrooms & ripe black olives make this pizza a real masterpiece even where the palates of connoisseurs are concerned!

  • Spicy Italian

A double serving of tangy Italian sausage and pepperoni.

Excellent Ingredients

A double serving of tangy Italian sausage, 100 percent Mozzarella cheese & pepperoni. Use these ingredients over Papa John’s signature dough and sauce created from genuine tomatoes. It is a very spicy treat, indeed!

  • Spinach Alfredo

Creamy Parmesan Alfredo garlic sauce & spinach.

Excellent Ingredients

Delightful can actually be simple! This enticing pizza consists of a creamy & rich blend of Parmesan Alfredo garlic sauce and spinach; crested with real cheese derived from mozzarella.

  • Sides

Chicken Poppers

Tender pieces of chicken breasts which are both breaded and perfectly baked in the oven, coming with a dipping sauce of your choice.


Genuine fresh dough, coated with garlic sauce and crested with lots of real mozzarella cheese, baked to a viscous & cheesy delicacy, which is served with a dip of pizza sauce

Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

Fresh dough baked until it turns golden brown, brushed with Parmesan cheese & garlic sauce, whilst a pizza sauce will be served for dipping.


Freshly baked dough together with a dip of pizza sauce. Absolutely delicious.

Chicken Wings

Bone-in wings, baked in the oven, blended in the sauce of your choice: conventional sweet BBQ sauce or spicy buffalo sauce.

  • Dessert

Don’t forget to keep space for dessert! Yes, Papa John’s offering three marvelous choices of desserts. You will really miss out if you should over-indulged with their enticing pizzas:


It is Chocolate Chip Cookie is delightful. It is freshly baked and served warm and yes, it has 8 slices enough for the family

Cinnamon Pull Aparts

This enchanting treat is made from sweet roll dough, coated in sugar and cinnamon, crowned with delicious cinnamon crumbs. After these delicacies are baked it is sprinkled with, just wait it gets even better, cream cheese icing!


A chocolate lover’s dream! This brownie is cake-like on its outside and oh yes, filled in the middle with decadent chocolate chips making it fudgy!  After its freshly baked, its served warm. It serves nine people. Indeed a chocolate fantasy!

  • Extras

These extras are available at Papa John’s restaurants:

  • Garlic Sauce
  • Pepperoncini
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Ranch Sauce
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Honey Mustard Cup
  • Blue Cheese Cup
  • Special Seasoning
  • Red Pepper
  • Beverages

Some of the beverages available at Papa’s, which can differ from center to center.

  • Schweppes Grapefruit
  • Coca Cola
  • Dasani Water
  • Coca Cola Zero
  • Sprite
  • Goombay Punch
  • Important Notice

The prices may differ from Papa John’s outlets from restaurant to restaurant.

Offers will be valid for Papa’s restaurants in the USA, sometimes for a restricted time. Discounts or other coupons will be invalid.

Some of the offers will require you to buy multiple pizzas, whilst other offers can only be attained online. No extra cheese or triple toppings will be available, whilst some of the toppings may not be included when it comes to pizzas on a special offer or you may need to pay more.

Additional toppings will be extra. Toppings are limited, for ensuring the baking quality.

A restricted delivery area will apply, whilst a delivery fee can be applicable, which may likely not be subjected to discount.

For delivery, you may be subjected to a minimum purchase. All applicable taxes will be the client’s responsibility.

Always remember to browse Papa John’s pizza menu, to find their specials and don’t miss out on a delectable treat!

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