Papa John’s Pizza

is an American fast food restaurant authorization group. In the USA, papa john restaurant serves as the 3rd largest take away and pizza delivery cafe string, with a head office in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. There are four sizes of Papa John’s pizzas with authentic crust taste. The pizzas at papa john restaurant are measured by way of diameter in inches.

piza sizes papa johns 300x180 - PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA SIZE?
• Small _10 Inches
• Medium _12 Inches
• Large _14 Inches
• Extra Large _ 16 Inches
You may order a “papa size” a large personal pan size pizza for just $2 added! The six distinct meats named Pepperoni, Sausage, pork, Hickory-Smoked Beaverbrook, Ham, and some other meat used in restaurant, changed into an excellent blend of sweet and salty meats. At papa john’s pizza restaurant.

  • How many slices Papa John’s large pizza

Papa John’s large pizza has 10 slices.

  • Does Papa John’s sell single slices?

 No. You can’t buy single slices at Papa John’s.

  • How long does Papa John’s take for carryout?

 Ideally, it will take 15-20 minutes, whilst delivery is 35 minutes.

  • How big is a 12 inch pizza?

 A 12 inch or medium pizza has 8 slices.

  • How big is a small pizza from Dominos?

 In diameter their small pizzas are 10 inches.

  • How big is an XXL Papa John’s Pizza UK?

In the UK the XXL pizza of Papa John’s is 15.5 inches in diameter.