North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is capable of controlling the time of his own will, the state news agency of North Korea implicated.

“The new dictator’s superpower” was released after Kim was photographed on the top of an active volcano and the highest mountain in the country until a bright blue sky was seen behind him.


The news agency said that the weather conditions in December were extremely unhappy, but when Kim arrived, “an incredible scene” followed, and there was a “nice weather like never before” on the mountain.

Local agency then honored Kim, describing him as a man who “controls nature”. Otherwise, this state agency has a history of incredible propaganda about Kim’s genius and accomplishments.

Earlier, she said Kim had “found the unicorn’s nest” and learned to drive a car when she was only three years old. Last year it was said that he participated in the creation of a “miraculous drug” that supposedly treats AIDS, Ebola and Cancer. They also published incredible “facts” and about his father, Kim Jong Il, saying that he “invented a hamburger” and that he has special powers that do not have to use the toilet.

Kim Jong Il was said to have been born in a secret military base on Pektu mountain, after which a double debt was created in the sky.