Offering Full Protection

Offering Full Protection from Covid-19, This Face Shield Is Like A Space Helmet

Various innovative works began to emerge in the Covid-19 pandemic era. One of them is a face shield or face shield that is used to protect from Covid-19. For this reason, a company in Canada created a face mask that offers maximum protection.

According to Elite Readers , Saturday (6/20/2020), the face shield was given the name BioVYZR 1.0. it looks similar to the hel that astronauts use to go into space.

In addition, the face shield also deliberately has a special design to prevent infection from the corona virus. VYZR Technologies, the Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) company makes face shields that are equipped with an air filtration system.

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The technology also reduces the risk of hazards in the air, such as pathogens, allergens, and other pollution. Not only that, the face shield also offers 360 degree protection on the face from all sides.

The company said that the technological face shield is made from neoprene, marine vinyl, and ripstop fabric. Face shields can also be worn in all weather conditions and are easily worn by adults and children because they have a belt that can be changed and adjusted

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