Lahore:If you are seeking a nice, kind and good life partner for your son or daughter, if you are worried for not finding any good or suitable Rishta for your son and daughter, brother or sister,then recite  the Kalam Pak of Allah Almighty,the Quran.

This was stated by famous religious scholar and Mahir Uloom i Makhfyat Allama Shabbir Hassan Saqi Naqshbandi while talking to

Allama sahib told that  boy or girl recite Surah tul  Kausar 111 times after Namaz Maghrib. Recite 11,11 times Darood Pak at starting and last. Stand on Jaye Namaz( Musallah) for reciting this Wird. Your Face should be towards Qibla. Recite this Surah standing.

Same time father or mother of boy and girl will have to recite this Surah 111 time too on separate spot. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, you will find a good Rishta for your

son or daughter, parents will seek a best rishta for their children’s insha Allah, Allama Shabbir Hassan Saqi told.