the risk of brest cancer

New Research,Hair dyeing and chemical straightening increases the risk of breast cancer

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have found that women who often dye their hair and chemically straighten them are more likely to have breast cancer than women who don’t.

  1. Hair dye and breast cancer
    Research published in the International Journal of Cancer suggests that the risk of breast cancer has increased with more frequent use of chemical hair products.
    Where does this relationship come from?
    The researchers used the data of 46,709 women in the Sister Study and came to the conclusion that women who regularly used permanent hair dye the year before joining the study were 9 percent more likely to get cancer than women who didn’t use hair dye .
    Interestingly, among African-American women who used paints often, i.e. every 5 – 8 weeks, the risk of breast cancer
    increased by as much as 60 percent. For comparison, white women reported an 8% increase in chances of getting sick.The research team emphasizes that the results of the study concern women who dye their hair permanently.
  2. Harmful straightening
    An even more interesting finding is the relationship between the use of chemical hair straighteners and breast cancer .Scientists suggest that women who used hair straighteners for 5-8 weeks were about 30 percent. more likely to get breast cancer.

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